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Branding For Your Blog

Whenever you create a blog, you also need to create an awareness of your blog so that you can target a relevant audience.

Improving your SEO will definitely help you get more and more traffic, but proper branding takes your blog from a high-traffic website to a high-end business.

Branding means making your blog your own business. It helps you to make your blog more popular and reliable. It works to enhance your reputation. This leads to better client , higher-end customers, and greater niche dominance.

That’s why this weeks #ShoutersChat was: “Branding for your blog”

Here is a recap of each question and the top answers by Shouters.

Q1. What are the benefits of converting your blog into a brand?

Benefits of converting blog into a brand

From the Shouter community:

A1 – Converting our blog into brand is increases Blog reputation for sure. One can easily trust on Blog news and tips by just hearing the name of the blog and author. #ShoutersChat

— Niraj Bariya (@NirajBariya) November 11, 2017

#ShoutersChat Blog = personal, Brand = Business. If you intend to make business out of your blog, make it a brand

— Amit Gupta (@immaculasdream) November 11, 2017

A.1 Converting blog into a brand can make our blog name rememberable like whenever I have to find something related to blogging, I search that on google and add a word which is @shoutmeloud because I know that I can get the best answer there. It makes more reliable #ShoutersChat

— Ravi Dixit (@Staymeonline) November 11, 2017

Q2. How does design and logo influence your brand?

Design and logo influence

From the Shouter community:

A.2 As our face is the identity for someone to find us in the rush of 1000+ people as same logo and design give an identity to a blog. It works as face and body of blog.#ShoutersChat

— Ravi Dixit (@Staymeonline) November 11, 2017

“A2” When We think about a brand, the very first thing comes up in our mind is its logo. Logo represent our brand and its becomes our brand identity online. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@imbloggingtips) November 11, 2017

A2 Design: Having an attractive & responsive design will comfort your site readers. Also reducing page size with SEO benefits.

Logo will help your audience remember your brand. When they frequently come across a logo, trust increases, they become loyal followers.#Shouterschat

— Nirmal Kumar (@nirmal_kumar_a) November 11, 2017

Q3. How does customer service influence your brand?

How does customer service influence your brand

From the Shouter community:

A3. Customer service is backbone of any online business. No company or brand can survive without responsive and friendly customer support. To become successful in this competitive world, Customer support is a key to become successful. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@imbloggingtips) November 11, 2017

@shoutmeloud A3 Helps you bring back old n new customers(spread of word),personal attachment with brand , more loyal customers #shouterschat

— Akshay Naik (@AkshayN005) November 11, 2017

A3. Affects a 100% … if ur customer had a bad experience u might have a bad review and if good they will surely leave a positive one… Simple funda #Shouterschat

— Digital Pratik 🅿️ (@digitalpratik) November 11, 2017

Q4. How guest blogging can be used for branding purpose?

Guest blogging for branding

From the Shouter community:

Writing of guest post increase the visibility of brand to new blogosphere and new environment. #shouterschat

— Yusuf Bitrus (@YusufBitrus6) November 11, 2017

The writer would like to spread his work.
Thus, the brand grows.

— Bharath Mullapudi 👨🏻‍💻 (@Bharath020998) November 11, 2017

#ShoutersChat A4: Guest posting is a great way to reach more audience and share your experience or product/services to a wider audience. You get referral traffic,, social following, #SEO and a trust benefit that all help you build a brand for your blog/business.

— Deepanshu Gahlaut (@DpanshuGahlaut) November 11, 2017

Q5. What are some blogs that are good brands?

Branded Blogs

From the Shouter community:

A.5 First and my favourite from which i learn everything is @shoutmeloud I open everyday before taking it to read the latest post. and others are @problogger smartpassiveincome.#ShoutersChat

— Ravi Dixit (@Staymeonline) November 11, 2017

A5. For me @shoutmeloud@problogger@jeffbullas@RyanBiddulph Zac @zacjohnson are some good blog Brands. I am a big followers of them. They are so helpful. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@imbloggingtips) November 11, 2017

A5. For me @shoutmeloud@problogger@jeffbullas@RyanBiddulph Zac @zacjohnson are some good blog Brands. I am a big followers of them. They are so helpful. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@imbloggingtips) November 11, 2017

Take Away Message From This #ShoutersChat

Take away message for today: Don’t just focus on numbers rather than that focus on giving value to each reader of your blog and make them feel special. That way you’ll be able to convert your blog from a random website to a memorable brand. #ShoutersChat

— ShoutMeLoud (@shoutmeloud) November 11, 2017

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