sofia December 30, 2019

Beirut (NNI) At least 10 civilians were killed as a result of a brutal bombing of a Russian army in the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib. Two children are among the dead. According to a foreign news agency, the Syrian Observatory, which monitors human rights situation in Syria in a statement on Saturday, said that Russian military fighter jets had infiltrated Kubal Nabal and Tel Aviv. But at least 10 civilians, including two children, were killed in the bombing of the civilian population.

Russian army bombing in Syria’s Aleppo killed 10 civilians including children

In an agreement reached between Russia and Turkey, Adlib agreed to be a weapon-free zone. The agreement was made to prevent large-scale military operations by the Syrian and Russian forces in the region. Russia and the Syrian Army were urged by the UN to ensure the safety of civilians during military operations in Syria.

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