Sho December 24, 2019 Learn Complete Search Engine Optimization or SEO in Kolkata (09804457170). SEO technology is used to rank a website high on Google/other search engine (yahoo, Bing etc). It is one of the most demanding and highly paid IT skill today. A proper training and hard-work on SEO can boost your career in no time. SEO comprises main 2 parts, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On On-Page SEO part we actually optimize one website’s HTML according to search engine or more precisely according to Google’s SEO guideline. And Off-Page SEO is completely outside of the website to be optimized. We mainly build quality back-links and optimize unique and fresh contents. We teach students both the part (On-Page & Off-Page SEO) including Blogging, Video Making and basics of SMO. Job market for SEO fresher and professional is very good and growing very fast. Almost all type of businesses need Search Engine Optimization team or hire Search Engine Optimizer from other companies. Not only SEO job market but by taking our SEO training in Kolkata you would be ready to take any SEO project from the market( India and outside ) and can earn good money($ $ ) by working at your home or at your free time. We do not have any batch system. Maximum 2 (1:2) students will learn at a time. Contact us today at 9804457170 to know more about our SEO course details. We have weekend classes for working professionals who want to learn SEO in Kolkata. SEO … Read more

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