sofia December 30, 2019

Tripoli (NNI) International Red Cross Committee has said that Libya’s capital, Tripoli, has also turned into a battlefield and there is a fierce battle between controlling forces to control the city. The humanitarian situation in the city of Tripoli and its suburbs has deteriorated drastically during the past three weeks following the April 4 offensive by the commander of the Eastern Libyan Khalifa Haftar, the statement said. The statement said that the caliph was Haftar More than 30,000 people have left their homes in Tripoli since fighting broke out between the army and the forces under the National Alliance government, whether they live in government buildings or in government buildings in other cities and towns.

Tripoli’s transit areas turned into battlefield Red Cross

The Libyan authorities and the UN have said the number of migrants is thirty-five thousand. The committee added that “the basic services and urban infrastructure, hospital and water pumping stations, etc. in Tripoli are less. There have been assertions, though they have already been significantly affected by violent incidents over the past eight years. Head of the International Red Cross Committee’s office in Tripoli, Yunus Rahui, said, “Violence is affecting the residents of the city, and residents of the southern parts are the most affected.” The residents are most concerned about the area and the Ganjanabad area is gradually turning into a battlefield.

Tripoli’s transit areas turned into battlefield Red Cross

They said that there was an unprecedented shelling at the moment, in which to remove the injured members of the medical staff. Problems are increasing. According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, there are three in Tripoli and its suburbs. 278 people have been killed and more than 133 injured after fighting broke out just weeks ago. Forces under Libya’s national coalition government launched a counter-attack against loyalists of Khalifa Haftar, south of Tripoli, last week. There has been an uphill battle in the sides

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