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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accelerated plans to cut Kabul’s US embassy staff from May 31. US officials and aides congress have feared that a weak Afghan peace process could be badly affected. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo’s decision to reduce diplomatic staff less than a year ago is surprising because negotiations for a peace deal between the United States and the Taliban in the wake of the end of the Afghan war and the withdrawal of the US military are still in place.

US embassy staff plans to cut half

There was no mention of progress Grips on talks are stronger than ever since President Trump’s desire to end the war is likely to get more than diplomatic staff cuts, as he seeks to cut diplomatic staff to limit US role in Afghanistan. Will consider confirmation. The Kabul embassy confirms the volume of US investment in Afghanistan after 11/9, which was expanded to a fortress compound for 1,500 people at a cost of $ 80 million four years ago, an American official said. The cuts to staff should be seen as a global redistribution of US diplomats, which necessitates a change in the Trump administration’s National Security Strategy, which emphasizes combating Russia and China with counter-terrorism.

US embassy staff plans to cut half

There is a sudden cut in diplomatic staff which a week ago the Foreign Office briefed the Congress Committee Yes, the possibility of Afghanistan’s reaction to it cannot be overlooked. The Ashraf Ghani government’s relations with the United States could be further strained, which is already undermined by the inclusion of the Kabul government in talks with the Taliban. The US-based National Defense University, Thomas Lynch, said the Ghani government would consider it another fraud. Authorities and assistants said that the NATO allies may express concern over the decision, which already has many issues with President Trump.

US embassy staff plans to cut half

The Foreign Office spokesman said in his e-mail that the Foreign Office was changing embassies abroad. Keeps track of the situation. Under the peace agreement, the end of the Afghan war and the focus on counter-terrorism are among President Trump’s priorities, Washington will maintain an effective presence in Afghanistan. However, he did not explain any plans to reduce diplomatic staff. US Representative Zalmay Khalilzad has reported progress in talks with the Taliban about preventing the use of Afghan territory for external attacks. An official said that the Kabul embassy staff’s deduction target would be achieved by not making new appointments to vacant positions.

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