Why React js? — Reasons to choose React js for your projects

ReactJS is an JavaScript open-source library created and maintained by a top-notch developers’ community of facebook. It is also known for a re-convertible framework, which means it is built for large applications with data that can be change again and again over time”. With this advantage, nowadays people hire react js developer, so they can get best services for their projects.

Here are some reason to choose react js and see why ReactJS has become so popular in last 2 years:

  1. React Js is highly flexible and efficient: React js works on its own Virtual DOM, so that developers can achieve high flexibility and efficiency in their work. In addition, its DOM is cost efficient for its operations and also for its updations.
  2. JSX syntax as Javascript Library: React js use JSX syntax which is a perfect mixture of Javascript and HTML. JSX calculates the whole process of writing components for any website and the HTML aspect allows your developers to render functions without concatenating strings.
  3. Highly focused User interface: React js gives users a highly responsive interface for website with the help of Javascript JSX interactions between the Native environment of the device and React Native.
  4. Easy Installing and out of box : If you install an extension on google chrome of React js, then it will make debugging easier. With this, you can have direct look on virtual DOM.

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